Guidelines For Electronic Artwork

Software Applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator for Macintosh- version CS2 (Preferred)
  • Quark Xpress for Macintosh - version 6.5
  • Adobe InDesign for Macintosh - version CS2
  • Adobe Photoshop for Macintosh - version CS2
  • Art Pro for Macintosh - version 8.0

Supported Media:

  • 3.5” floppy Disk
  • DVD
  • CD
  • Zip 100 MB



Saving and Sending Files:

  • Include All Fonts.
          Postscript Fonts - Need both Screen and Printer Fonts
          TrueType fonts - Require only one File
  • Include All Linked Graphic Images.
  • Use Pantone® colors when naming spot colors.
  • Save file as an EPS (Illustrator is the preferred format).
  • Save Artwork to proper size.
  • It is preferred to have a file with the Fonts converted to outlines as well as a file with Fonts that are editable.

Things to Remember:

  • Do not send a J-PEG for artwork (They produce very low quality).
  • Keep in mind when building Screens and Vinets not to go below a 2% Dot.
  • Most Proofs provided by The Label Advantage will be by E-Mail as a PDF. A hard copy of your proof will be provided upon customers request.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Label Advantage customer service representative at (515) 280-6588.